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Wall Easels

Made to Order

I am now making a small number of handmade wall mounted easels available for purchase like the space saving wall mounted easel that I built for my own studio. I’ve made some refinements, but the design has remained essentially the same – screw the rails onto the wall, then hang masts anywhere along the length. The standard configuration is a 66 inch wide wall easel with two masts. However, custom lengths of wall rail, additional masts and canvas holders can be purchased to create a wall easel at whatever size you need.

Hanging Mast Over Upper Rail


From the start, I wanted a wall easel that wasn’t unnecessarily complicated. Our easels are simple, lightweight, sturdy and easy to use. Hang a mast anywhere on the rails then close the cam levers to hold them firmly in place. Each easel is handcrafted from responsibly harvested oak (from Draftwood Forest Products of Floyd, Virginia) and hand rubbed with Danish oil.


The modular design makes our wall easels very easy to add onto. Starting with the 66 inch wide wall easel package, one can add additional masts and more lengths of wall rail to create seriously large painting areas that can of accommodate multiple painting stations or extra large canvases. This makes our easels well suited to classrooms and workshop studios as well as small spaces.

Standard Canvas Holder


There are a couple of new upgrades available. For painters who work on especially deep supports and for those needing unobstructed edge-to-edge access, the standard canvas holders can be swapped out for deep canvas holders. Additionally, removable work trays can be added to hold your paint brushes and such.

Standard Canvas Holder
Standard Canvas Holder

The Standard Canvas Holders included with our easels have a slot for canvases up to 1-½” with an additional ¼” slot for holding panels.

Deep Canvas Holder
Optional Deep Canvas Holders

Do you work large? Upgrade to Deep Canvas Holders with non-slip rubber grips that hold canvases or cradled panels up to 3-⅜” deep.

Work Tray
Optional Work Trays

Adjustable 11″ x 18″ work trays keep your art supplies close at hand while working. The trays can be positioned anywhere on the masts or taken off altogether.


Wonderful easel. The easel is wonderful quality and exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you for making this for artists. Nothing like artist-made products for artists!

Kathryn Wronski

Grass Valley, CA

Set everything up today and it looks and works amazing. Really a beautiful piece and wanted to thank you for the craftsmanship and attention to detail. It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

Philip Szewczyk

New York, NY

I’m so pleased with how this easel works in my small space. It offers me several options for painting: two masts for one large piece or two smaller ones. And it’s so well made and beautiful that it is a piece of art in itself. I love it!

Gayla Wiedenheft

Bozeman, MT

Your instructions were so clear and the easel is simple and beautiful Too bad I’ll be getting paint on it!

Patricia Gordon

South Burlington, VT

Jason worked with me to design an easel that would allow me to work on 3 or more canvases at a time, or one very large canvas if I so choose. The flexibility of his design is amazing. I am not inhibited by approaching any size canvas. Without the Wall Easel I would be in a jumble. Jason is very talented and easy to work with. His Wall Easel is my favorite piece of equipment in my new studio and I would want it in any studio of any size in the future.

Wendy Adams

Atlanta, GA

Thank you for great customer service and an easel that really is a piece of art in and of itself.

Mary Lee

Raleigh, NC

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